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Executive Burnout Retreat at The Bardo

The Bardo, based in a tranquil location nestled between the Gold Coast & Brisbane, is a perfect oasis for executives to rest and reset.

We understand the complicated needs associated with executive burnout and what it takes to help get you back on your feet and working to your full potential.

The constant demands can take their toll and, unless a purposeful intervention takes place, all the hard work and success you have achieved to date has the potential to come undone. Our centre creates a space of luxury, calm, and relaxation, with a comprehensive program to get back on top.

Are you struggling with executive burnout?

Is it taking a toll on your health, work, or relationships? Are you having difficulty knowing who to turn to? Then it’s time to let our highly skilled team to help you not only recover but thrive.

Our approach combines individual one-on-one counselling coupled with a program of holistic therapies such as yoga, massage, acupuncture, and personal training. There is no group work, the program is entirely focussed on your unique circumstances… we aim to optimise both your physical and mental health. We combine cutting-edge treatment approaches with more holistic approaches that will enable you to recover, thrive and regain your comparative advantage as a leader in your chosen career.

With us, you will regain a sense of purpose, restore your mental and physical fitness, and achieve a sense of renewal and vitality that has taken a hit by stress and burnout.

Understanding Burnout?

Burnout is very real, sometimes referred to as leadership burnout or adrenal fatigue. Burnout is a term used to describe the work-related stress experienced by corporate executives, industry leaders and those professionals in high level positions with a lot of responsibility and pressure over an extended period of time.

If you are starting to feel constantly overwhelmed or swamped, this may well be a result of prolonged emotional, physical, and mental stress that can take a very real toll on your mind and your body if left unaddressed. This can often overflow into other areas of your personal life and relationships as well.

Our commitment to your recovery

At The Bardo Health & Wellness, we understand the serious nature of burnout, and how it can impact anyone from all walks of life. Our residential programme has specific components that will help begin the healing process. By understanding the fundamental changes that need to be facilitated, The Bardo’s team sole aim will be to get you back on your feet and start thriving again.

By attending The Bardo’s Executive Burnout Retreat we aim to build your resilience and equip you with the skills and strategies to be better able to cope with the demands of your work and personal life.

Our executive burnout retreat program will allow you the space and time to regroup, get the one-to-one confidential support you need, and begin the process of recovery from burnout itself.

If you are feeling the impact of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion from executive burnout, then it’s time to call The Bardo – together we can turn the tide and transform your stress into strength.

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