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Cocaine Rehabilitation Gold Coast

Overcoming Cocaine Addiction and Rebuilding Lives at The Bardo

For individuals struggling with cocaine addiction, finding effective rehabilitation options is crucial. Located on The Gold Coast, known for its beautiful beaches and serene hinterland, The Bardo offers a range of professional and compassionate cocaine rehabilitation programs to help you get life back on track.

Understanding Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine, also referred to as coke, nose candy, snow, and blow, to name a few, for decades has been considered the ‘party’ drug of choice. Unfortunately, the transition from occasional use to frequent use, and ultimately addiction, can happen very quickly.

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that hijacks the dopamine reward pathway and produces effects of euphoria and alertness. It is addictive and expensive, garnering its status as the ‘rich man’s drug.’ Cocaine abuse can be particularly dangerous because continued use can cause excessive strain on the heart with the most common cause of death in frequent Cocaine users being stroke or cardiac arrest.

The psychological addiction is often the hardest part to overcome, although there are undeniable physical symptoms of addiction as well. Someone who uses Cocaine frequently will develop a dependence and need to have it in order to feel normal.

Once a dependence has taken hold, a tolerance will develop where higher quantities are needed to have any effect. Higher quantities then lead to uncomfortable psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms when attempts are made to stop such as depression, agitation, fatigue, and cravings.

Once someone becomes addicted to Cocaine, it can be very hard to stop. This is because Cocaine abnormally increases the level of dopamine in the brain, eventually reprogramming the brain’s neurological reward system. The team at The Bardo understand that the continued use of cocaine can have devastating effects on both physical and mental health, as well as personal relationships, financial stress, and overall well-being.

Cocaine addiction is a complex issue that requires specialised care and treatment. Recognising the signs and seeking help is the first step towards recovery.

Why Seek Cocaine Rehabilitation?

Located in a beautiful, private setting nestled conveniently between the Gold Coast & Brisbane regions, The Bardo rehabilitation centre is crucial piece of the puzzle for individuals struggling with cocaine addiction.

We provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals will receive tailored professional help and guidance to overcome their addiction.

Our discrete rehab service prides itself on privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity so you can rest assured you will be in a safe, comfortable, and secure space.

Are you struggling with addiction?

Is it taking a toll on your health, work, or relationships? Are you having difficulty knowing who to turn to? Then it’s time to let our highly skilled team to help you not only recover but thrive.

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Addiction often creates a vicious cycle that is difficult to break without professional intervention. The Bardo’s cocaine rehabilitation programs help break this cycle by providing tailored treatment plans, therapies, and ongoing Aftercare support.

At The Bardo we focus on your metal health by supporting our you in understanding your relationship with addiction. We assist you to build skills for lasting change. Your psychological health is supported via intensive one-to-one drug and alcohol counselling, wellbeing counselling, and life coaching sessions. Your physical health is supported through our clinical nutritionist, chef cooked meals, personal training, yoga, massage, and acupuncture. Your spiritual and psychosocial health is supported by rebuilding relationships, family inclusive practice, and community engagement via outings and entertainment. All of these components are focussed on rebuilding your well-being and sense of connectedness.

Inpatient Residential Rehabilitation

The Bardo residential detox and rehabilitation programs typically span one to four weeks and offer a structured and immersive healing experience. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals, including medical staff, therapists, and counsellors, will work collaboratively to create a tailored, evidence-based treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and circumstances. Opportunities may also exist to explore relationships and consider family and friend inclusive counselling during this program.


Your support doesn’t stop once you leave our doors. Our extensive Aftercare program supports clients as they transition back home with regular weekly counselling sessions and opportunities to come back for lunch or a cuppa and stay for a chat.

Relapse Prevention and Respite

Sometimes the journey of recovery can be difficult to navigate. The pressures of life may be such that the thought or act of using drugs or drinking alcohol become overwhelming.

This is where we would recommend returning to The Bardo for a relapse prevention stay or enter an intensive counselling phase with opportunities to visit The Bardo and take part in some of our therapies to assist in keeping your recovery progressing.

Taking the First Step

Overcoming cocaine addiction is a challenging journey, but with the right support and treatment, it is possible to reclaim a life free from addiction.

No matter where you find yourself in your struggle with cocaine addiction, give our highly skilled team a call on 0411 071 146. Our expert staff will guide you and develop a comprehensive individual treatment plan to suit your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for further information or are ready to start your cocaine detox and rehabilitation Gold Coast recovery, we are here to help you.

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