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leading private residential mental health and addiction services

We are a leading private and confidential health retreat located between Brisbane & the Gold Coast regions helping people recover from mental health, drug and alcohol dependency, behavioural addiction issues, stress, and burnout. Our mental health and addiction rehab specialists provide one-on-one evidence-based treatments tailored for each guest’s needs in a relaxed home-style environment.

About the bardo

The Bardo means the transition from the old life to the start of a new one. We provide guests with caring, evidence-based treatments for addiction, stress, and burnout in a home-style retreat environment. Every guest who walks through the doors of The Bardo is unique. We will tailor a highly personalised program of therapies, treatments, and counselling to help you begin your new life.

Private and Confidential

Our discrete service prides itself on privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity so you can rest assured you will be in a safe, comfortable, and secure space. We are a sanctuary from the outside world where you are able to focus on your recovery with professional support. Any records of your stay will only be shared with your permission and not recorded on any system or database that can be accessed by any other agency or eHealth records.

The next step…

No matter where you find yourself in your struggle with addiction, give our skilled team a call. Our expert staff will guide you and develop a comprehensive individual treatment plan to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for further information, or are ready to start your recovery journey, we are here to help you.

at the bardo we focus on...

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